Awash with the blood

that falls from the tree

we burn with the fire

the earth and the seed

the fuel on our bodies

and dust in the air

(were) 2000 miles away from the fair


Red is the powder

covers me completely

like a thick woven blanket

in the chill of the night

the interior silence

you learn as you go

2000 miles away from the show


The country is old

the stories is long

The desert wind howls a sad and uncomfortable song

head up to the peak

take in all that is there

you’re 2000 miles away from the fair 


Cry beloved cry

can you see it through your blinds

cry cry cry


The wisdom you hear

bounces off (round) the rock walls

carries cross the mountains and down to the streams

where the lay of the land

it mirrors the sky

2000 miles away from the lies

2000 miles away from the fair

2000 miles away from the fair



From habit, from experience ingrained over a lifetime lived in that building.

I opened the door and sat on the bluestone front step right as the seasonally adjusted sun found its way down into the chasm of Georgian architect’s design and rested on the step with me

The sun and I communed there as was our daily custom barring clouds.

Our summer fierceness abated, the sting mostly gone from us both.


The very left and right two inches of the step remained closest in image to the fresh cut blue stone, eroded only gently by zephyred breezes and what little rain every makes it down to street level.


The rest, the middle of the step, was burnished smooth and curved concavaciously like the back of an elderly horse by a couple of centuries in and egress.


Out to work, into work, more out for food, into cook, out carousing, into sleep.

Until now, on this present day, it perfectly cradled and comforted my diminishing old man arse.


Across a laneway a young man. His step doesn’t fit his arse so well yet, but if he sticks at it… upstairs his mother continues to buy cotton and bolts of cloth and the machine whirs into the wee small hours still.


We both look up the lane, the small industry gone. Nothing left but the industry of service.

Beautiful teenagers pouring over priced coffee for minimum wage.


Only our two buildings left

Where ghosts are welcome.


Another bloody wedding. Not mine, thank God. I managed not to make a disgrace of myself, didn’t fall into the table, that stops being cute when you're more than five.



I’m pretty sure that I’ve got bits of ground from all the times I’ve fallen over just sort of stuck in me you know. Road dust and dirt, and concrete and bits of old table faders and wedding  flowers…still, there was a lot of laughter.



I’ve lost your teeth on my breast, the ink and iris bruises you made but it’s fucking fingertip memory, echoes all spilling out. And every time the sofa creaks, it’s an accident. All the times we've kissed on ugly furniture,  years ago. Worlds of rooms we've made beautiful.


I could find you again I guess…

or a decent copy


Well she has upped and gone

we’re pretty sure that she will not return

She's gone to where she rooms

on the corner of Royal Parade


yeh we know how the story ends

We've seen it all before

we've seen it all before


She finds beauty in the simple

and wisdom in the plain

She's burnt her little fingers

On the candle flame


just one more lover to see her through to the end

she just wants another lover

to see her through to the end


in her late night room

To watch the late shift workers rolling home

yeah we know how the story ends

We've seen it all before



Well there'll be no asylum

for all of the lost souls

Who stare across the reef line

They are kept behind the wire


We better keep our rage alight,

Go fight them on the shore,

Even when we’ve had no sleep

and can’t be bothered anymore


Mine ears have seen the marching bands

and I’ve seen them light the fuse

best we hide out in the tawdry hollow

away from trending news

the riverboat is sinking

and were just singing to the choir


Goodbye Jerusalem

Goodbye Jerusalem


Surely we could be much better than we really be

We’re showered in wealth but all too often

Hearts are stone and half empty

Were settlers in a country

Of sublime beauty and grace

It really should be so damn perfect here


And so it goes


somewhere there’s abundant fountains

an elixir there for all your pain

a place where people get along

Of course depending on the day

the carnival is over now

were just singing to the choir



and so it goes Goodbye Jerusalem


The boats are on the harbour

the fires upon the shore

distant lights they call


We swim the troubled ocean

and wait for the rogue wave

to come wash us away

wash us away


We rush with rage insane

from the cliff down to the sea

the song will come right back to me


Loosely hold your worries

throw them to the wind

all we can do is try follow our heart try follow our heart


The singing wails the whole night through

its got another week to go

measured, honest, true


Loosely hold your worries

throw them to the wind

all we can do is try follow our heart 




He waits outside the station

She must have missed her train

He don’t mind the waiting round

Even in the dark and rain

Just to get outside the house 

Walk the flooded back brick lanes

to peep into the neighbours back yard

sees other peoples lives without pretence.


People come and go

talking on their mobile phones

they always seem to know, what’s going on 


still we’ve all got our blinkers on

we gaze down at our feet

dodging sprinklers as we go

60 miles of gated streets

Whatever happens out there you must shelter carefully

or the junkies they will rob you,

if they haven’t nodded off to sleep just yet



Us Men lead lives full of rage and quiet desperation

and some Women they just daydream for a life they’ll never get

Hide away inside the revamped castle where you stay

Fall back into the arms of the one you love

At the end of every single day


Everyone needs saving

Some need it more than most

Rough sleeping on the pavement


People come and go

talking on their mobile phones

they always seem to know, what’s going on

what’s going on



Come along join the revival,

Pull the canvas come see the show

Take a little peak of what we’re all made of

I bet you’re curious to know

Yeah I bet you’re curious to know


Come sing at the revival meltdown

I could lay my hands down on you

And if your friend is ill, I’ll do it to them too

Ill heal you both is what is grieving you


Trip on the book of revelation

The splendid vision coming true

Trip on the book of revelation

It’s a revelation to me and you


We put on a Big Band Jesus Rock Show

We fall down we get up again

We shake in spurts convulse around a little bit

I bet your curious to know (lame) shame

Yeah I bet you’re curious to know


Trip on the Book of revelation

its been a revelation to me and you

Trip on the Book of revelation

And the apocalyptic horses too

Trip on the Book of revelation

The Splendid Vision Coming True

Trip on the Book of revelation

its a revelation to me and you


And the Apocalyptic horses too



Head across the border to the salt basin

Think back to the time when the Last came in

Salt in the meat, starved them of water

Chained to the fence with those callipers on

Yeah they had callipers on then they let them all go

Followed them right up to the water hole


To find the permanent water close to the grinding stone

drank the permanent water

travelled all alone


Parallel sand dunes, take the up down track

Close in on the horizon to the Great Blind Lake

This is the conjuring place

The Last of the rainmakers

Gather up the dark clouds they know how to dance

Yeah they know how to dance, its best to watch and follow

Throw away what you know and leave it all behind


Up to the Permanent Water

Close to the Grinding Stones

The Permanent Water

Drink it all alone?


Hide in the hollow pocket with a kerosene lamp

unfamiliar world for my desperate heart

yeah its a desperate heart, footsteps in the fire

a settler country with a flawed campaign

oh yeah a flawed campaign

Still water is like diamonds

too far too hot too hopeless leave it all behind


‘Cept for the permanent water

close to the grinding stones

leave the permanent water and travel all alone