Yinjaa Barni (2019) produced by Robyn Marais

The Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday (2019) produced by Renegade Films

Homeland (2019) directed by Glenda Hambly

Kangaroo: a Love/Hate Story (2018) produced by Hopping Pictures

Australia's Lost Impressionist (2018) produced by Catherine Hunter

Connection to Country (2017) directed by Tyson Mowarin

On Richard’s Side (2016) directed by Andrew Wiseman

The Galahs (2016) directed by Tony Wilson

Putuparri and the Rainmakers (2015) directed by Nicole Ma, produced by John Moore

Motorkite Dreaming (2015) produced by Intafusion Films

Sperm Donors Anonymous (2015) directed by Lucy Paplinska

Make Hummus Not War (2014) produced by Ned Lander, Directed by Trevor Graham

Mary Meets Mohammad (2013) Directed and produced by Heather Kirkpatrick

Kokoda (2010) produced by Andrew Wiseman

Strange Birds in Paradise (2009) produced by Charlie Hill-Smith

Wonderboy (2001) produced by Andrew Wiseman

Australia: Land Beyond Time (2001) produced by Sue Millikin, directed by David Flatman

Dogwoman (2000) produced by Simpson Le Mesurier

MABO: Life of an Island Man (1997) directed by Trevor Graham

Fences (1994) directed by David Caesar

Labor in Power (1993) directed by Sue Spencer

Driving with Richard (1992) produced by Andrew Wiseman

Mr Neal is Entitled to be an Agitator (1990) directed by Daryl Dellora

Living Room (1988) directed by David Caesar

Whitlam (1987) directed by Mark Davis

Bodywork (1987) directed by David Caesar