David collaborated with artists Kutcha Edwards, Archie Roach, Radical Son, James Henry, Emma Donovan, Illana Atkinson, Tjimba Possum Burns, Jida Gulpilil and Brendan Gallagher to produce a song in memory of Elijah Doughty, who was fatally run over in August 2016 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. The song takes listeners on an emotional journey heard in the pain of Archie's opening, the lingering questions of Tjimba Possum Burns and the strong statements of anti-discrimination by Radical Son. The urgency heard in the shared verse between Kutcha Edwards and Emma Donovan lends a powerful sense of spirit and resilience. Illana Atkinson’s haunting exclamation 'You hurt one, You hurt us all...' is the essence of the collective collaboration. The song itself bounds across culture, generation, and time and was released to coincide with UN Human Rights Day on Sunday 10 December, 2017.