In times of great darkness the only thing left is to believe in the warmth of our hearts once again.

— David Bridie

“…a clear understanding of the compelling ambience that can be created by the interplay of lyrics, music and images…”

― Sydney Morning Herald

“Sonic intensity and righteous rage hit the red… a beguiling exception…. an ambient agitator.”

– Rolling Stone

Over a 35 year career, David Bridie has made a name for himself as a songwriter, composer & producer.

From the global impact of his seminal 1980s and 1990s alt-pop groups Not Drowning Waving and My Friend The Chocolate Cake to his ongoing work as a solo artist and soundtrack composer, the scope of David’s output and influence are matched by few Australian artists.

New Video Out Now

“Sympathetic Martin” is the first track released off David’s new album. Check out the great video made by Matej Kolmanko using photos David took around Thornbury & Preston. Or stream the track here.


May 28, 2023

David Bridie - Retrospective Live @ Wesley of Warragul

with Rosie Excess



June 10, 2023

David Bridie Retrospective Live @ Qirkz in The Hunter

with Rosie Excess



June 11, 2023

David Bridie - Retrospective Live @ The Great Club Sydney

with Rose Excess



June 17, 2023

David Bridie - Retrospective Live @ the Athenaeum Melbourne

with Rosie Excess



June 18, 2023

David Bridie - Retrospective Live @ Lighthouse Theatre Warrnambool

w Rosie Excess



July 7, 2023

David Bridie - Retrospective Live @ The Capital Bendigo

w Rosie Excess


July 8, 2023

David Bridie - Retrospective Live @ The Memo Healesville

with Rosie Excess



“I’ve got a plan - how ‘bout we fly across the values at sundown, then drink malt whiskey til the sun, it comes back up again.”

“Everybody needs some beauty, some reassurance, you can tell so much about a place by the way they treat their own deserters.”

“The country is old, the story is long, the desert wind howls a sad and uncomfortable song.”


By the Kenepuru stream
September 28, 2022
Just near the freeway underpass that follows the Kenepuru Stream in Porirua East there is a stretch of bright green grass by a cul-de-sac. 
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Website Anew
August 7, 2022
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Music Journeys
Australian Antarctic Territory Fellowship
June 23, 2022
David Bridie has been awarded the Australian Antarctic Territory Fellowship. This will see him travel to Antarctica and embark on an immersive creative process resulting in a new body of work inspired by the ice continent.
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"Did you write any songs during lockdown?"
April 20, 2022
During the long 2020 winter of our discontent, due to happenstance I found myself locked down in a ramshackle cottage in The Otways forest near the Shipwreck Coast of the Southern Seas.
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“...no matter where his music travels, it carries with it an innate sense of place and time. Bridie’s music may speak about an uncertain future… but it is also rooted in a past running far and deep; the kind that gives birth to dreams.”