D   A   V  I    D     B   R   I   D   I   E


"Did you write any songs during lockdown?"


During the long 2020 winter of our discontent, due to happenstance I found myself locked down in a ramshackle cottage in the Otway’s forest near the Shipwreck Coast of the Southern Seas. Leaky roof, windows that wouldn’t shut, red-gum wood fires, beanies, long johns, scarfs and old jumpers for warmth, all the strange hours of the day and night.

The house looks down through a valley down to the ocean 700 metres away. Tin roof, wooden structure, decaying mud brick. As The Go-Betweens song goes, “It's Cold and Dusty in here”

This is Gadubanud country, place of the King Parrots, pretty much the wettest part of the state, rainfall figures tallied daily. Off the grid, tank water, shit wi-fi and minimal phone coverage...

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T O U R  D A T E S

Fourth time lucky @ Memo Music Hall

19.03.22  |  Memo Music Hall  |  St Kilda, VIC  |  TIX HERE



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T H E  

W I S D O M  


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T H E   N E W  A L B U M  -  O U T  N O W


M A I L I N G   L I S T