A musician of rare sensibilities and a storyteller of sweeping vision, David’s current solo projects include piano works, songwriting, and multimedia projects that blur boundaries between disciplines. At the heart of all of this David’s distinctive voice and touch at the piano remain central.

It's been a while since our last correspondence (2023)

“Its been a while since our last correspondence” sprang from the Victorian lockdowns. 14 writers wrote and recorded a spoken word piece that David has created music for. The contributors include Kutcha Edwards, Edwina Preston, Anthony Morgan, Catherine Deveny, Farhad Bandesh, Kerri Simpson amongst others. A limited edition vinyl double album will be available in March 2023.

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Sympathetic Martin - Single (2023)

“Sympathetic Martin” is the first track released off David’s new album. Check out the great video made by Matej Kolmanko using photos David took around Thornbury & Preston. Or stream the track here.


Its Been a While Since our Last Correspondence

Kathleen-Mary Fallon

Kathleen-Mary Fallon is revered by critics as being "amongst the most talented writers in Australia". Her work ranges across novels, films and opera, and for "Its Been A While.Since out last Correspondence." she performed this modern prayer for all the lost souls.


The Wisdom Line (2019)

A lyrical meditation on asylum, home, borders, fleeting relationships and the desire to make genuine connections, The Wisdom Line is imbued with a spirit of collaboration and community. Produced by David Bridie & Ian Caple with Andrew Robinson.


Wake (2013)

Bridie’s most politically-charged album, dealing with the concerns of Australia’s refugee laws. With all the elements of previous albums (pop, electronica, rock, ambient) now amalgamated into a fully realised sonic package, Wake plays heavily upon the human drama of struggle and loss. Produced by David Bridie with Brett Doig.


Take the Next Illusionary Exit (2013)

A collection of previously unreleased or marginally released tracks, demo versions, cover versions, tracks that didn't make the final cut for Wake and a few excerpts from the soundtracks of Satellite Boy, Call Me Mum, The Straits, and That Eye, The Sky.


Succumb (2008)

With Succumb David has made the rockiest album of his career - guitars are well and truly out the front of the mix. It is quite refreshing to hear him try something new and what’s more, pull it off. Recorded with a mostly new band, Succumb is a welcome change in direction. Produced by David Bridie and Christian Scallan.


Hotel Radio (2003)

Regarded as Bridie’s most pop-oriented effort to date, the album radiates a sensual summer’s warmth with an expansive sense of mystery that delved even further into the artform of sonic texture. Title track is a wonderful song. Produced by David Bridie and co-producer Nick Littlemore.


Act Of Free Choice (2001)

A blue fog of shuddering drum loops, haunting piano scales and sky-sweeping atmospheres, evoking the lonely stretches of Australia’s outback, while narrating a generation’s worth of political strife. Produced by Ian Caple with David Bridie.