It all started as harmless fun. In 1989, David and cellist Helen Mountfort were playing in globally acclaimed ambient/world music ensemble Not Drowning Waving when they opted to unplug and unwind with a few more breezy compositions.
The idea of the band began when David took a holiday in New Zealand and wrote a collection of songs that didn't fit into the 'Not Drowning Waving' style. He & Helen then began My Friend The Chocolate Cake with the intention of playing all acoustic music.​
From the inception My Friend The Chocolate Cake emerged as an enjoyable ensemble, as musical friends & colleagues came together one by one to form their unique sound. Hope Csutoros, a violinist with eastern European gypsy roots and a flamboyant stage presence to match, was an inspired early accomplice. Mandolinist Andrew Carswell and guitarist Andrew Richardson added to an exotic web of acoustic textures. Russell Bradley was the first of several drummer/ percussionists followed by Michael Barker and for the bulk of the bands career, Greg Patten.  Double-bass player Dean Addison later joined to complete the outfit. ​
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