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This latest edition of the Griffith Review is dedicated to Antarctica and the South Pole. I was chuffed to be asked to write a short piece. Originally it was to be a sound diary; musings and observations about my trip in Summer 2022 to Antarctica. I was supposed to head to Australia's Casey Station with video artist Keith Deverell as part of this years Australian Antarctica Arts Fellowship sponsored by the Australian Network for Arts and Technology. Our gear was all laid out neatly on the couch - thermal underwear, field recorders and headphones.. when a phone call came "Trip postponed" thanks to the ongoing risk of COVID. The sound diary idea set aside for now, instead a piece about Silence. Head over to the Griffith Review website or purchase a copy to read a wonderful array of stories, including a piece 'Buried Treasure' by my good friend Jo Chandler.

Silence is the Song

Real Cool World - Griffith Review7