Wake (2013)

Bridie’s most politically-charged album, dealing with the concerns of Australia’s refugee laws. With all the elements of previous albums (pop, electronica, rock, ambient) now amalgamated into a fully realised sonic package, Wake plays heavily upon the human drama of struggle and loss. Produced by David Bridie with Brett Doig.

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1. Dr. Seuss Is Painting In The Sky

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Song Lyrics

Dr. Seuss Is Painting In The Sky


we’re all talking about weather in America

And the state of tv

we’re washing in dirty water we never flaunt our assets or our

business schemes

Take 15 grams of Quinine with a bottle of Sal Volatile

Smoke Chesterfield non-filters and then jump in the sea

when Dr Seuss is painting in the sky

you might catch a glimpse if you raise your focus

somewhat higher

2. You're No Flower

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Song Lyrics

You're No Flower

she talks to him long distance 

on the big red telephone 

She’s hoping she will plead with her to come home 

You’re no flower anymore

Is this deadly nightshade or lily of the valley 

Don’t walk out so far 

downtown Hindley St

I’ve always found it dangerous out there 

You’re no flower anymore you’re no flower.